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Frequently Astounding Queries

What styles do you support?

Currently we support MLA, APA, IEEE, and Chicago, and have plans to add Harvard and BibTex formats in the very near future.

Do you have plans to integrate with any other software, such as EndNote?

Yes! We are planning on releasing EndNote integration in the coming days, and are investigating other possibilities to make QuickCite as useful as possible.

Uh-oh, I found a book that it doesn't work on.

To give you the best results, QuickCite examines several online databases to find your book. Occasionally, there will be a book that isn't covered by any of these sources, so QuickCite will be unable to construct a proper citation. We are working hard to add more sources so you never have to worry.

Books are nice, but what I really need is citations on journal articles.

QuickCite uses ISBN codes to learn about the source you are citing. Journal articles do not usually have ISBN codes, so we can't use our usual strategy. We are looking into new methods to solve this. In the meantime, if you want this feature, let us know! We really appreciate feedback.

Can QuickCite provide me proper citations on food items and/or live animals?

Sorry, Quickcite does not have culinary nor fauna support at this time.


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